Every one of us who works hard from morning to the evening, needs to catch a break sometimes and the best way to do it is to go for a night out with your best friends and talk trash about each other’s bosses. Night outs can vary from anything simple as a quick dinner to dancing on top of the bar, with a bottle of tequila in hand.
Whether binge drinking is your cup of tea or a good dinner is, you still need to relax and let some steam off from time to time because the same routine of a nine to five desk job can really wear you out and suck you dry of energy and motivation.

Ask your best friends
The kids these days refer to their peer groups as their ‘squad’ so keep in mind to talk to your squad or best friends about your plans for a night out a few days prior so that this way, you’re friends aren’t completely unannounced when you suddenly ask them to join you for a good dinner at the fancy restaurant place a few blocks always from you.
Pick the friends you are closest to, pick the ones who’ll hold your hair back as your bent over the toilet, puking out your alcohol soaked guts so that you will really be able to let lose and have fun.
Meet with your best friends
Decide on a club or restaurants you want to hit up and make that your meeting point and if you want to go all out on your big night out, you can look into a transportation hire and ride in style to your destination with your friends.
If you’ve still got money left to spare after the limousine hire in Perth, talk with your friends and hit up a popular club or restaurant for some shots or a quick bite. If you really want to make this day extra special, look up clubs and restaurants with good reviews and make them your destination.
Have fun
The whole purpose of you taking the next day off was because you were preparing yourself for really bad hangovers so don’t let anything stop you from having the fun that you dreamt of having. Take time off of getting drunk at the bar to showcase your drunken dance moves on the dance floor of the club and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the time with your friends.
These tips mentioned above are guaranteed to help you and your friends have an absolutely amazing time on your night out.